Wow! It’s been a whole year since we finished putting a roof over our not-so-humble internet home, and also settled in the not-at-all humble physical home of Radical Elements.

Many things have happened since then. We have several new members in our radical family, many new projects to show, some very fruitful brainstorming sessions and plenty interesting stories to tell. But, the most important of it all were the profiteroles our clients kept bringing us... ehhhm, I mean the team spirit!

A Radical Year

We updated our website with some of this year’s projects and added this blog section, so we can tell you a little more about the things that we do and how we do them. You can see our latest works here.

Our original plan was to carry out a complete redesign of our portfolio page, but who’s got time for that with all these amazing projects coming in? So we’ll hold that off for just a little while longer. But, until then, you can see more details about our projects here and in our Behance page.

One of our most remarkable achievements during this year was the packaging design for Kakias greek feta cheese. It was a very challenging project, as it started with strict specifications. However, we managed, along with our wonderful client, to turn it around and come up with a fresh, original (one could even say radical?) design. Both we and our client were very happy with the final outcome. We were even featured in the front pages of The Dieline and Packaging of the world. Win!

Kakias Feta Cheese

We have also spent a lot of our time in our personal product, ProudSyrup. PS is a content management system on the cloud. It provides publishers with the ability to add content through a clean, simple, lightweight CMS online, and developers to access and use this data through a very easy and friendly API. Oh, it is also the most beautiful CMS you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:
Visit Proudsyrup
Proudsyrup on Behance

ProudSyrup CMS

So, these are some of the many things we've been busy with. And when we weren't busy, we were Segway gliding around Athens. :)

A Radical Year
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It took us only 9 months to write our first blog post. Although this is no excuse, we were busy creating experiences and projects. I believe it is very important to share and be an extrovert company. So, here we are.

I will dedicate this first post on our first creative studio we setup for Lave you. Lave you is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring together people and organizations that want to share their craft or resources for public benefit. 

We wanted to do our part, so we setup a creative studio session in order to find ideas on how to promote the "Lave you" concept. It was the first time we did this for a non-internal project and it was also a firstone for some members of our team. The outcome was fantastic. We had great fun and were able to generate 3 very powerful concepts. On if them is already deployed and we are really looking forward for our next studio.

Hello World. We are Radical
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